The Eureka workshop


Playful scientific discovery workshop

Eureka! ” I’ve got it! ” is the cry that legend has it that the Greek scientist Archimedes said in his bathtub when he understood why ships don’t sink. The Eureka effect has meanwhile become the euphoric moment of sudden understanding after a phase of experimentation, research and even trial and error.

It is these precious moments that we wish to offer to each of our visitors. During a playful discovery tour, several mechanical and construction principles are discussed, such as the lever, the pulley, the winch, the Archimedes’ screw, the gear, but also the round arch, the broken arch, the corbelling, the water canalization etc.

The Castle of Poët Celard, built in the 13th century, is the perfect place to learn about these mechanical and construction principles. It incorporates several examples of the principles.

At the end of the visit we invite you to discover other historical sites, which allow to illustrate in situ the principles discussed.

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