Cultural events

With the cultural programme “Un soir au château”, the SCIC has set itself the objective of offering a cultural programme, divided into three seasonal programmes. This is done through quality shows and concerts that encourage both personal enrichment and fulfilment for everyone.

Because of its openness to the world, culture is, today perhaps more than yesterday, necessary to cope with individualism, loss of bearings, indifference and fanaticism. But it is also indispensable for escaping, marvelling, laughing, dreaming, being moved, meeting people, enjoying oneself...

Thus small forms but great moments will alternate with the hosting of concerts and shows within the framework of partnerships with local festivals.

In addition, this infrastructure of the past, entirely restored and brought up to date with contemporary tastes, makes it possible to hold corporate events, exhibitions, art installations and other media events with partners working in very different fields.

Without forgetting the efficient tool that the site represents in terms of hosting training courses, seminars and initiations to artistic expression and well-being (theatre, singing, dance, clowning, yoga courses, etc.).

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